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Frequently we may fail to hear the voice of our intuition. It can speak in many ways and often gets lost in the struggle between thoughts and feelings. The DecisionClarity model will introduce you to a self-guided process designed to focus intention and attention and facilitate our insight. It works with four simple steps: Defining the question, Going within for guidance, Release and let go and Checking for the answer. It is designed to bring you into an inner context where your deeper wisdom is revealed.

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"A while ago you sent me your beautiful book, Life's Little Book for Big Decisions. I just want to say it is beautifully done. It is like sitting down with a really good friend who has a deep listening heart and is very present and deeply accessible. There's a great of clarity that comes out of essence and it's deeply real;
- Thomas Atum O'Kane, Ph.D., Spiritual Guide and Teacher   www.atumokane.com

"I love how Trevor's process helps me apply my spiritual practices and beliefs to very pragmatic, practical and professional decisions. It also requires that I walk my talk, get out of my intellect and trust my guidance. I am using and recommending the book and web site to my friends and clients."
-Christina Baldwin Author and Teacher   www.storycatcher.net

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