"The clarity was so vivid and wonderful that I was able to hold on to my decision steadfastly... This experience has changed the way I will approach decisions, and my ability to make decisions in accordance with my inner wisdom, forever. It was nothing less than a divine gift, a life altering treasure."
- Wendy Wilson, Toronto, Ont. Personal Coach and Decision-making client

"It was like having an angel drop in my life. Like walking along a sidewalk not realizing I had been staring down, negotiating the cracks, and suddenly looking up and realizing I am in a beautiful meadow - a clear path, no need to even look down."
- Julie Yost, Mammoth Lakes, CA. Decision-making client

"Thank you for the amazing decision making process - so profound and so many gifts - there was never any doubt that it was of value but I had no idea the depth of the value."
- Pam Mitchell, Vancouver, BC. Decision-making client

"My experience at your decision-making workshop was profound, fun, revelatory, and very positive. It's definitely interesting to have a skilled observer reflecting me back to myself."
- Jean Shirk Mammoth Lakes CA. Publisher and workshop participant

"Creating a space for the soul to explore and experiment with a question is a valuable format. We all have questions, yet we rarely devote the time or have the support to really explore them."
- Suzanne Williams Vancouver BC. Lawyer and workshop participant

"My experience was surprising, rewarding, and quite extraordinary."
- Elizabeth Tenney Mammoth Lakes, CA. Social Activist and workshop participant

"My experience was life changing. I knew that I was on the spiritual path before I came, but to experience the power of the universe so directly and concretely is to change how I see myself and the world."
- Julia Lew Vancouver BC. Workshop participant

"As an executive and personal-life coach, I have found this decision making process a powerful reinforcement of the inner process. I use it myself and with my clients with consistently remarkable outcomes. It is a wonderful compliment to my coaching techniques."
- Nancy Monson, MA, MBA, San Francisco, CA. CPCC Business Consultant and Personal Coach and workshop participant.

"Trevor's decision-making process offers a deep and powerfully integrated approach that is inclusive of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us. Supporting compassion and insight this model teases clarity from confusion."
- Patricia Culver M. Ed. R.C.C. Robert Creek, BC. Registered Clinical Counselor and Decision-making client

"I feel a deep importance to what you share. I believe this book will touch many people in ways you may never know. Thank you!"
- Janice Crook, North Vancouver, BC.